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You Could Be Missing Out On Potential Customers By Not Being Listed Online. We Manually Claim/Add Your Business To The Top Directories Relating To Your Industry. Unlike Our Competitors, There Are No Monthly Or Annual Fees, And You OWN Your Listings Upon Completion. Still Have Questions? Give Us A Call At 972-833-1875.


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Step 1.

Place Your Order by clicking one of the “Start Listings” buttons above. After completing the purchase, you will be redirected to a form to fill out the required information about your business.

Step 2.

We will be notified when the form is completed and soon after begin your order. We may contact you during the process if a phone verification is required by a directory.

Step 3.

After completing the listings (5-7 business days to complete & verify), we will send you a report of all listings, including login information for updating when needed. Many of these listings will appear instantly, but some may take up to 2 weeks.


More than likely your business is already listed somewhere on the internet. This is because search engines aggregate your information from different sources online.

This might seem great, but most of the time that information being populated on your business is incorrect, and having incorrect info on listings not can prevent customers from finding you, but hurt your ranking on major search engines like Google and Bing.

For some businesses, being listed in directories might not help increase targeted traffic. If your business is extremely niche, there might not be a set group of keywords or categories for potential customers to find you.

That being said, most directories have a category that a business can fall under.

It takes us 7-10 business days to complete and verify all of your business listings.

Some companies will offer to list you in more directories, and to be honest that is perfectly fine as long as the directories aren’t viewed poorly by search engines. We choose to only offer up to 50 directories because we manually create each listing, and we have not found any proof that being in more than the 50 directories generates a higher ranking for businesses looking to increase local traffic.

We are a smaller shop than our competitors, but that isn’t necessarily the reason we can charge less. Because we submit our listings by hand, and provide you with the information to login and update your listings afterward, we saw no reason to overcharge for the service.

While YEXT has it’s perks (automated, software driven listings), we believe their cost for a small business is too high. Paying $500+ annually just to keep the listings created by their software is out of the question for a majority of our clients.

Another thing to consider is that if you ever decide to cancel that subscription to their service, your listings disappear and/or revert back to the old information aggregated from before. Meaning you’ll start back from square one again.

With us, you’ll own your listings forever and be able to update them anytime.

Unfortunately, Many directories will not accept P.O Box addresses as valid business locations, so this service might not be your best option for driving traffic to your website.

Our website maintenance plans include SEO and PPC ad management, which might be better options for your business.

Unless specifically requested (and access granted), we create a separate email account to create your listings. This also segments off the many marketing emails you will receive from directories after each listing is created.

Don’t worry though, this email account will not be seen by your customers. It is only for you to access your listings.

The form you are redirected to after making a purchase provides us with all of the potential information we may need to complete your listings. This includes everything from the date your were established to your hours of operation. Through this form you can also upload your company logo, and up to 3 different pictures of your business.

You will find that some of the directories only require the vital information, like phone numbers and addresses, while others ask for everything. The form helps us streamline the process of creating your directories.

Plus, you wouldn’t want us sending you emails every few minutes to verify information, would you? 🙂

Many of your listings will be live instantly. However, a few directories take up to 2 weeks to go live after going through moderators.

 When you are ready to purchase, simply click any of the “Start Listings!” buttons above and we will get started with your listings! Have questions? Give us a call at 972-833-1875 or email info@webmasteronsite.com