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So you have started your business and things are going well. You might even have a website (you SHOULD have a website) that is bringing in some customers. But how are you appearing on search engines? Chances are, your competitors are showing higher in the search results than you are.

Which means they are probably doing more of this:

Now before you run out and hire an SEO firm for a ton of money, lets go over an easy way you can increase your visibility on search engines.

Local Listings are important for a new business, even if that business doesn’t have a storefront. Why? Well lets go over a few of the benefits of being listed:

  • Appear Higher In Search Results
  • Drive more potential customers to your website or storefront
  • Gain credibility with Google
  • Update any old or incorrect information regarding your business

Obviously appearing higher in search results means you will receive more traffic. But the awesome thing about local listings is that each one of them have categories that people are using to find all kinds of professional services.

That means targeted traffic my friend!

Being in these directories also helps Google figure out what your business is about. If Google sees your business listed 25+ times in different directories with similar information each time, it will assume you are running a legitimate business (and of course you are!).

But one of the BEST reasons to get listed places is that you might already have listings out there on the internet, and those listings could be WRONG. How bad would it be if customers were trying to reach you, but were being sent to the wrong website, address, or calling the wrong phone number?

Honestly, that should be enough motivation for you to go out there and make sure your listings are good. Now be warned, doing listings manually is a tedious, annoying, process. You might come across directories that seem to work, but then at the last minute don’t. You will come across directories that require verification through a phone call, or even want you to pay a few bucks for a verification call.

That’s just how the game goes.

Luckily, there are options out there for other companies to do these listings for you. A couple big players are YEXT, SYNUP and Moz Local. Of course, we just launched our own listing service as well.

It doesn’t matter how you go about getting your listings done, as long as you get them done. They ARE important, and will help your business in the long-run.

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