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Local Search Engine Optimization is the best way to position your business in front of customers. Whether you are a consultant that meets with clients in person, or a restaurant owner looking to increase foot traffic, Local SEO will help you do just that.

Every business wants more customers, but the only surefire way to gain more customers is by reaching more potential customers.

You might be wondering, “How do I do that?”

The answer is simple. You don’t. We will do it for you!

Below are the exact steps we take to increase your visibility on the web in greater detail!

keyword research local seoLocal Search Engine Optimization starts with us researching potential keywords for your business. Picking the right keywords is important if you want to reach the customers that are most interested in your products and/or services. In addition, we will identify and size up your potential competitiors to see what actions they are taking to rank, identify their weak spots and ultimately use those to our advantage.

local seo planningNext, we begin to map out a detailed plan of action. Don’t believe the hype when some “SEO” companies tell you that ranking is an easy task that can be done in weeks or a month’s time. That simply is not true. While you may enjoy an initial bump in rank after Google and Bing crawl your website, continuous work must be done in order to see real results and remain above the competition. It’s fine to think of SEO in terms of a race to the top spot, but keep in mind the race is more of a marathon than a 100-yard dash.

webmaster local seoAfter we finish up with research and planning, we move into the implementation phase! This is where we take a much closer look at your website and begin making changes as necessary (with your permission of course!) in order to increase your visibility. We will be looking at items like your meta titles, descriptions, alt-text on images, keywords used on your pages, overall structure and layout, page insight load speed, and more. Our goal in this stage is to get your website up to par with current web standards and maximize your visibility online.

local citations seoYou may wondering what a local citation is. Simply put, a local citation is where your business is mentioned on the web. If you have heard of, or used a website like Angie’s List, Yellow Pages or Yelp to find a business, this is exactly what a local citation provides. A direct link to your business, not only driving potential customers, but helping to grow your credibility with search engines like Google and Bing. We manually build these local citations for you on an on-going basis, and work to update any current situations with incorrect information.

seo reportingThroughout this process we will be in contact with you, providing detailed reports each month to show our progress. We will also let you know if certain keywords aren’t working out and if adjustments need to be made. Once suggested adjustments are approved by you, we will make them. The same goes for your overall website structure. We will also provide additional ways to market your business online as well (social media, paid ads, etc.).

You might have been told search engine optimization is a one-time thing, but it’s not. There is no “Set it, and forget it” SEO plan. When you decide to bring on an SEO professional to help grow your business, you are making a long-term commitment. Not to the SEO professionals, but to your business.

You are showing that you are planning to be in business for a long time, and that you are willing to make the initial investment to ensure that happens.

$995/per month

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