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30 Places to Build Local Citations (For Free!)

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30 places to build local citations for free

Link Building: Local Citations

Everyone knows by now that building links to your business can be a great way to reach potential customers. Local citations are a subset of these links. Listing your business information on certain websites and directories, helps search engines decide if they are dealing with a real company or not.

Getting the approval of Google or Bing can lead to new streams of traffic coming to your website on a regular basis. Local citations are great because they can lead the potential customers that are interested in your services & products directly to you!

With that said, building these manually links can be a pain in the butt!

The reason being that each link generally requires you to create an account first in order to access & update the listing. This might seem like a small task, but once you do it 10 times you’ll understand what I mean.

Now if the idea of manually building out these links makes you cringe, fear not. There are a bunch of services and people (check fiverr) that will build these links out for you. Obviously these services aren’t free, and they can get pricey depending on the number of links you want.

One of the more popular local citation building services is through a company called YEXT. YEXT is popular because it’s pretty much a one-and-done type of system. You enter the information for your business, and it replicates throughout their knowledge network.

This network contains everything from link aggregators to voice assistants. It’s pretty impressive actually. The one thing to keep in mind is that their service is subscription based and if you cancel, your listings no longer get updated (ouch).

I know what you’re thinking. You want to be able to control your listings! Update them as you see fit, when you see fit. I feel you on that. I’m the same way. Which is why I’m going to provide a list of 30 places to add your business listing for FREE. Let’s do some local SEO people!

30 Places To Build Local Citations (For FREE):

  1. Facebook –
  2. Hotfrog –
  3. Yelp –
  4. Foursquare –
  5. Yellowpages –
  6. Angie’s List –
  7. SuperPages – (Requires you call in!)
  8. Yellowbook –
  9. Merchant Circle –
  10. Manta –
  11. YellowBot –
  12. Local –
  13. Kudzu –
  14. Dex Knows –
  15. HomeAdvisor –
  16. ThumbTack –
  17. ZoomInfo –
  18. Chamber Of Commerce –
  19. Metromix –
  20. iBegin –
  21. InfoUSA –
  22. –
  23. DiscoverOurTown –
  24. Brownbook –
  25. SalesSpider –
  26. Tupalo –
  27. Get Fave –
  28. 2FindLocal –
  29. ShowMeLocal –
  30. My Huckleberry –


Disclaimer – Please don’t drive yourself insane by attempting to knock out all 30 listings in an evening. Take your time, do a few a day if you want. My advice is to use a spreadsheet to keep track of all of the account information, so you don’t have to rely on muscle memory if you ever have to go back and update a particular listing. And after you finish the 30, do some research on other directories. There are literally hundreds out there, so pick the ones you are most interested in and align best with your business.



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