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4 Reasons You Should Outsource Website Maintenance

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reasons you should outsource website maintenance

Every website requires some level of maintenance.

This is especially true for business websites. Doing any sort of business through your website means that products and/or services need to be updated from time to time. Some of the items that come to mind include:

Changing a price for a holiday discount

Updating product descriptions/images

Removing discontinued/out-of-stock items

Not to mention, if you have a blog or news feed on your website, you probably add new content to it regularly. While delegating these sort of tasks to a tech savvy team member might work in the short-term, it’s probably taking time away from their ACTUAL work.

And what about the more technical tasks that need to be taken care of?

Things like setting up page forwarding/301 redirects, creating email accounts, blocking IP addresses from certain countries, etc.

Is someone on your team (or maybe even yourself) “Google searching” their way to solutions?

And if you are a Solopreneur, most likely you are handling all of your web related items on your own. Which means you have to allocate time from running your business in order to make sure your online presence is solid.

Or even worse, maybe you’ve gotten so frustrated with your website that you have given up on updating it and are banking on customers figuring out how to navigate through it on their own (YIKES).

Whatever the case may be, outsourcing could be a great option for you and your business. In this post, I will go over 4 reasons to consider handing your website maintenance tasks off to an outside agency.

Reason #1 – It Will Save You Time:

If you are running a business, chances are your time is limited. You already have to handle business related tasks, which include finding new customers and making sure current customers are happy. Do you really have extra time to learn web design and SEO? By outsourcing, all you have to do is delegate tasks and watch them get taken care of. Which gives you more time to focus on BUSINESS than tech.

Reason #2 – Relieve Stress:

How confident do you feel about tinkering within the cPanel or in a database filled with customer info? More importantly, if your website was ever to go down, would you know how to fix it? Those site error codes can be downright annoying. Even worse, how would you handle a malware infection? A non-developer could spend hours “googling” how-to fixes and still come up short. Knowing you can defer to a professional will ease any worry you might of had almost instantly.

Reason #3 – Efficiency:

This one really depends on who you outsource to, but most individuals/companies that provide these services will work hard to ensure they take care of your needs. When searching for a company, make sure to look at their initial response time and average resolution time. You don’t want to wait forever to have a product set back to regular pricing from a discounted holiday rate do you? At our company, we strive to reply to all tickets within 30 minutes of receiving them. Doing so lets our clients know that we are proactive in handling their requests. We also provide an ETA on resolution times and updates throughout the process so they aren’t left in the dark. Find yourself a company that won’t have a problem doing the same.

Reason #4 – Cost:

This is likely the most important reason, depending on the stage your business is currently in. Most small business owners will initially hire a web designer or developer to build the website for their company. This generally will cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Due to this initial cost, after creation many business owners will simply live with their websites for some time, or worse, struggle to make changes/updates themselves. One mistake in your code could potentially bring down your website. The idea of hiring a website maintenance team is generally overlooked, which means more than likely another developer will be hired to resolve the problem at a costly rate (many times $60 hourly with minimums). Having someone handle website maintenance on a regular basis puts preventative measures in place and allows you to sleep at night knowing your website is protected. Definitely worth the cost if you ask me (can’t put a price on peace of mind right?) Do some research and find an individual or agency to outsource your website maintenance tasks to. The faster you do, the faster you are back to focusing 100% on your most important business-related items.


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