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Top 3 Places to Claim Your Listings Online in 2019

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top 3 places to claim listing online in 2019

As a new business or a business getting started with building a web presence online, you want to make sure you in the right places.

There are hundreds of directories online that you can list your business in, but some of them hold more weight online than others. In this post we will go over the top 3 that you should be in this year.

1.) Google My Business

This should be a no-brainer. Google is the most popular search engine on the planet, and if your business is listed with them, you will appear on the right hand side of search results every time someone searches your business name! Claiming your listing is fairly simply, but requires a verification by mail to ensure your business location is legitimate. This can be a home business address or office location. It cannot be a P.O Box address and some virtual addresses through UPS won’t work either.

Once the verification postcard arrives in the mailbox, simply log into your Google My Business account and type in the confirmation code. Once you do, your listing will be live on the internet for all to see!

You can also list multiple locations under Google which is pretty great. This listing will replicate to Google Maps, and other Google related sites. So you see why it is so important.

2.) Bing Places For Business

Bing is the same sort of deal as Google. They are a huge search engine (second to Google) and can provide a lot of quality traffic to your business. To list with them you will need to go through a mail verification as well. Once you receive the postcard in the mail, simply log in and type the confirmation code. Once you do that, your listing will be live!

3.) Yelp

Yelp is a HUGE directory and definitely one of the most popular. This is because their review system is used by tons of people looking for new businesses for services. They arrive here and read reviews on the companies to see if it is worth taking a chance on them. Company aggregators may have likely collected your business information from somewhere on the web, so when you search, you very well may see your business listed. You aren’t done yet though. You need to claim your listing because the information could be incorrect, and you don’t want that. With Yelp, you have to go through a phone verification, but afterward you will have a live listing.

These directories are definitely the most important to be in right now. One thing you must do as a small business owner is look at each directory online as a search engine. Thousands of potential customers visit these websites searching for services. You want to make sure you are in front of them!


All listings can be added manually, but if you don’t have the time there are various companies out there that can add your business to all of the top locations.

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