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saving the window medics website from hackers

Summary –

Window Medics is one of the largest thermal windowpane restoration companies operating in the United States and Canada. They have over 100 service stations and employ more than 200 technicians. Some of their clientele include McDonalds, Comfort Inn and Mercedes Benz.

The Challenge –

When we were contacted by the client, their corporate website (built on Magento) had been infected with malware. This caused Google to penalize them. Everywhere they appeared in SERPs showed a “This website may be hacked” description, preventing potential visitors from clicking their link. In addition, the malware altered the file extensions of all image files, preventing them from loading and causing broken image tags across their website:

window medics broken hacked website

After a full analysis of their server, we found the malware had also infected 9 of their subdomain dealership websites (built on WordPress), causing the same Google description and even preventing Antivirus software like Avast from loading the website completely.

The Solution –

We immediately went to work, first checking with the hosting company for any specific server locations of infected files. We then created a complete offline backup of the website, including the infected files, and began the malware removal process. Malicious scripts were placed throughout the corporate & dealership databases, as well as within renamed files on the server. We ran scans on the newly cleaned website files until zero traces of malware existed and uploaded the new files to the server. We then contacted Google and requested a full review of the website. We also contacted Avast and McAfee to remove the domain from being blacklisted.

saving the window medics website from hackers

After a few days Google informed us that the website had passed their review, and the warning description was removed. We were also successful at getting the antivirus websites to remove Window Medics from being tagged as a blacklisted website.